Extreme V Flexi

Flexi v Extreme
Not sure which one to buy or which one will best suit you?
We've made a page just for that!
Shewee Flexi
Made from flexible plastic
Weighs just 32g
Re-usable & recyclable
Includes extension & resealable bag
Ideal for:

Festival goers & public toilet phobes

Things you should know:
  • Although flexible, it won't squash easily, but remember to bare in mind what you wear before use!
  • Tight trousers or jeans without a fly, won't work with the Flexi unless you can go somewhere private to use.
  • Case sold separately.
Shewee Extreme
Made from hard solid plastic
Weighs just 100g
Re-usable & recyclable
Includes extension & carry case
Ideal for:

Walkers, campers & explorers

Things you should know:
  • Don't let the size deceive you, one size does fit ALL.
  • Remember to practice in the shower, and leave a 1mm gap at the front whilst using.
  • The Extreme can be used discreetly without removing any clothing.
  • Case and pipe included.