About us

Our Shewee was invented in 1999 by Samantha Fountain.

Like many women, she was fed up with disgusting public toilets, and decided to come up with a solution. The Shewee soon appealed to a wide audience from keen walkers to festival go-ers, women in the military, trans women, policewomen, campers, commuters and those stuck in traffic jams, pregnant women, women who are post op, … the list is endless!

The Shewee is made in the UK, and sold to the world, with one selling every 3 minutes. At over 20 years old, it was the first female urination device on the market, and remains the only funnel made from a hard, solid plastic. This allows you to discreetly and easily use your Shewee without removing your clothing, or underwear. 

The Shewee comes in 10 different colours, and two different models - The Extreme and the Flexi, find out more here 

Made from polypropylene, it’s recyclable and naturally repels water, so when you’ve used it simply, shake it off. Clean with mild soap and water when you get home from your adventure. 

Shewee is available on NHS prescription. 


Everyone’s heard of the Shewee, but what about our Peebol?

Unlike Shewee, Peebol is unisex, and can be used by the kids too. The Peebol is a bag filled with rapidly absorbing granules that turn urine into a solid, non-odour and non-spill gel almost instantaneously. Each Peebol is reusable, and will hold up to 1 litre of liquid. 

Our Peebol is perfect for camping, long car journeys, sick kids, travelling, festivals, contractors and building sites, and much more! Keep one in your pocket, wallet or purse for those ‘just in case’ moments. 

Always take your Shewee and Peebol, as life shouldn’t be about finding the nearest loo!