Car & Camp Pack

Car & Camp Pack

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This bundle contains a Shewee Extreme and an 8 pack of Peebols. Perfect for car journeys, or other long expeditions.

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The dreaded traffic jam… we’ve all been there, and we’ve all been desperate for a wee with no toilet in sight! The Shewee Car and Camp Pack is the solution to that dilemma. Included is an 8 pack of Peebol’s and a Shewee Extreme.

Shewee Extreme - comes with the original Shewee unit, an extension pipe and a carry case. The Shewee is a female urination device, which allows you to urinate whilst standing, and without removing your clothing. The extension pipe included helps direct urine away from your feet, and is perfect for aiming into your bag of Peebols.

The Peebol - is a pocket sized toilet which men, women and children can use. Inside the clever bag are rapid performing absorbant granules, which convert fluid into a gel. It is non-odour, non-spill and very easy to use. The Peebol will hold up to 1 litre of liquid, and can be reused until full. Don’t just use it for urine, it is also a great sick bag should you feel unwell whilst travelling.

The Shewee Car and Camp Pack is not only great to use in the car, but can be taken walking, to festivals, and anywhere you might get caught short. Don’t leave home without it!

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