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How to use a Shewee:

  1. Undo trousers, push underwear to one side and place the Shewee gently against the body.
  2. Aim the Shewee away from feet, and towards the ground/toilet/into your Peebol
  3. When finished, pull the Shewee away and wipe. The Shewees liquid repellent surface will ensure no drips are left on the Shewee itself.
  4. Place the Shewee back into its case (Pace, Pure & Power), or into a resealable bag if you do not have a case.


  • Don’t push the Shewee too tightly against the body. The pointy end should be touching the body and the front rounded end should be held a few millimetres away from the body.
  • Practice in the shower to find the best position.
  • Remember gravity – the outlet pipe must be lower than the pointy end!